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Anxiety Treatment

Does anxiety keep you from meeting new people?

Do panic attacks happen to you frequently?

Do you have little repetitive habits to keep yourself calm?

Are you worried about everything, all day long?


You could be dealing with more than 

everyday worry.


You don't like all the tension you hold in your mind and body, waiting for the next thing to go wrong. Maybe you've gotten so used to feeling this way that you don't think there is anything you can do about it. But you know your level of anxiety is beyond what others are feeling.


If you are struggling with anxiety in any of its forms, I can help you learn self-calming techniques and other methods to significantly reduce your anxiety. In my many years as a therapist I've seen people like you become anxiety-free and live happy, socially active lives.  You can too.

Women and Anxiety


If you are dealing with anxiety, you aren't alone. Anxiety disorders affect nearly 40 million people in the US each year.


Anxiety can take many diagnostic forms, including:


  • panic attacks that mimic heart attacks

  • debilitating phobias

  • post traumatic stress disorder

  • social anxiety (nervous in crowds or at parties)

  • agoraphobia (inability to leave home)

  • obsessive compulsive disorder


Women are more than twice as likely as men to experience many of these types of anxiety, although men are not immune to anxiety. In addition to these treatable forms of anxiety, anxious feelings can also be involved with other problems often experienced by women, such as:


  • over-eating and under-eating (anorexia)

  • bulemia (binging and purging)

  • insomnia

  • irritable bowel syndrome

  • fibromyalgia

  • chronic pain

  • attention deficit

  • susbstance abuse

  • gambling and shopping addiction


The good news is that counseling for anxiety really helps.


With counseling you will learn to recognize your anxiety triggers before they overwhelm you. And you'll gain skill in changing the kind of negative beliefs and self-talk that perpetuate anxiety. 


Chances are you might even be feeling anxious about getting anxiety treatment. But if you are feeling nervous or scared to the degree that it's preventing you from a good night sleep, asking for what you need and deserve, or speaking up for yourself, why not find out how counseling can make a difference?


Many people with anxiety prefer to

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