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for LCSWs, LMHCs, and PhDs

Thinking about going into private practice?

Uncertain what you need to do or have as a business owner?

Need training on dealing with insurance?


Few clinical social workers, mental health counselors and psychologists get much preparation in graduate school for having a solo practice. All our education is focused on developing expertise in helping clients. 


It can be quite a shock when you leave a clinic or internship where you've worked for a number of years and realize that there are a number of decisions and issues as a private practice therapist that you've never encountered before.


You might still have clinical supervision, but if you supervisor isn't in private practice, there could be limitations to his or her advice. What you need is someone in private practice now who is familiar with the territory and the latest challenges in this ever changing landscape.

Being out on your own can be overwhelming. Right away you're faced with questions like:


  • should I rent space from another therapist?

  • is it okay to work in an office park?

  • do I need a city and state business license?

  • is it good to use an answering service?

  • should I have a separate phone?

  • how do I take credit card payments?

  • how can I get on insurance panels?

  • should I think about taking medicare?

  • am I a "covered" HIPAA provider?

  • does using a billing company violate confidentiality?

With more than 30 years in practice, I have a thriving therapy business in two states. I'm happy to educate and coach you in establishing a solid and profitable private practice too.


In consultation -- in person or by phone, on a regular weekly schedule or as needed -- I'll help you get all your questions answered.  


You'll learn what the necessary steps are for starting a private practice.


We'll discuss whether being cash or insurance based is best for you, and how to get on insurance panels if that's you desire.


I'll share with you what I know about having in-network status with insurance and EAP companies, and how to make billing a manageable process.


You'll learn about important documentation strategies.


And I can teach you about the business and marketing skills you'll need to efficiently manage a private practice.


Contact me at 574-234-3515 

or email me for a free

15 minute discussion of

how consultation can work for you.

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